How to Connect your Printer with your Computer?

Canon Printer is one of the best Printers for printing. This is the best and reliable printer. Nowadays, most people use Canon Printers in their homes and offices. There are many models are available in the market with best features. It was a small description about Canon Printer. Now I start my topic which I will tell you in this blog. Sometimes we have to print some documents and we also have a printer, but we cannot print it. Because we don’t know, how to connect the printer to the computer. I will clear your problem and assist you with some simple steps to perform this action. Let’s start…………

How to Connect your Printer with your Computer.

Step 1: First setup your printer with ink and paper according to the manual which is given to the printer.

Step 2: Connect the power cable to the printer but do not start the printer right now, ensure that it’s turned off.

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Step 3: Connect your printer to your computer by USB cable. One end of the cable will be in the printer and the other end will be on the computer.

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Step 4: Turn on the printer. You are using USB printer so it completely installs the software for you.

Note: (If the software is not installed automatically, then it must be done manually.)

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Step 5: After the software is fully installed in the computer, you can print it or close the printer.

I hope that now your problem has been solved. If you still have a problem then contact to Canon Helpline Number at 0800-046-5041

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